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Icons: Animated: 3×1

Powerful Subscription Management

Oak.SUBSCRIBE is a Windows subscription fulfilment and controlled circulation application intuitively designed for rapid entry and retrieval of data.

Built with a comprehensive range of verification, security and utility facilities, Oak.SUBSCRIBE is equipped to provide complete control of your subscription fulfilment and circulation functions.

Modules include Mail Order, a full Web Integration package comprising eCommerce web shop, online subscription management and secure PCI compliant payment handling, and Marketing & Contact Management to help develop & manage leads and prospects.

Flexibility and Simplicity

• Options and modules can be matched to your current & future business needs

• Clear and simply designed forms with easy navigation between them.

• Intuitive design for rapid data entry including keyboard only data entry if desired.

• Bundle options for combining subscription and product offers.

• Range of standard reports plus option for user defined reports in Crystal Reports.

• Reports can be viewed, printed or exported in CSV or PDF format.

• Produce letters and bulk emails using Oak Letter, a powerful built in letter editor.

• Import subscriptions and orders directly from a website without re-keying of data.

• Subscribers can review and renew their subscriptions online.

• Multi-currency and multi-VAT rates.