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Oak Virtual Subscription Manager

Sitting in between a full in-house solution and the fulfilment bureau alternative, Oak Virtual Subscription Manager (VSM) is an enhanced Oak.SUBSCRIBE tailored service where we can manage many of your back office subscription management functions such as direct debit processing and web import management leaving you free to concentrate on providing great customer service.

Oak Hosted Database Service

Provides for a Terminal Services connection whereby the system/database can be accessed remotely over the internet from any location with a username and password and all installation, back up procedures and data integrity checks taken care of.

Oak Payment Services

Oak Software has teamed up with a global leader in payment service provision to directly supply credit/debit card transaction services including support for our clients wishing to benefit from our integrated real time validation solution.

Oak Managed Back-Up Service

For clients that have the Oak.SUBSCRIBE software installed on their IT network, a managed backup service which covers all data held within the database as well as Oak Letter files, Crystal Report files and log files. Scheduled to run overnight using our own backup software, a secure zipped backup file is stored on your network as well as automatically copying to our main ftp site to provide off-site storage.

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